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Website address changed :

Website address changed : 

Hello bloggers,

It is a wonderful blogging journey with your precious company. I have enjoyed every moment of your company on this journey. Thank you very much.

You follow my blog, like the posts with your enduring love. Your encouraging comments and lasting supports overwhelm me. This only helps my blog to grow. Many many thanks.

In this journey, I have learned many things by reading your wonderful blogs. To make this journey more enjoyable, I launched my new domain-

Do continue to visit the above blog. I once again thank you all.


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Going the extra mile – successful living.


Going the extra mile? But why?

I receive payment for the service I render.

I receive payment for going for the first mile.

Then why should I go the extra mile?

I am not paid for going the extra mile.

So why should I spend my energy on going the extra mile?

You can ask why to go the extra mile?

To be sure, the present blog answers it.

 Many people come to State Bank of India, Burnpur. They keep their vehicles in two temporary parking spaces (suppose A & B) looked after by two unemployed persons. They keep watch on their vehicles against theft and charge a Rs.1/-per vehicle.

I observe that the number of vehicles kept daily in parking space A is much more than that of B. The person looking after parking space A helps his illiterate customers in filling up different bank forms and…

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Facing challenges successfully in life


Facing challenges is difficult?

Do the challenging situations push you back to your comfort zone?

How to come out from your comfort zone for facing challenges?

If the answer is yes, this story of my 85 years old mother can motivate you.

Who did motivate my mother?

How was she motivated to overcome the challenge? Let us have patience.

In the first place, Vrindavan is famous for beautiful temples and violent monkeys.

Our first-day visit started with one such temple. All of a sudden, one monkey rushed to my mother to snatch her spectacle from hand. Seeing that the nearbyTOTO driver promptly ran to slap the monkey. Consequently, the monkey fled away,  causing minor injury on the back of her right palm.

To begin with our second-day visit, we started for one temple on a hill of Mathura. On the other hand, monkeys of  Mathura are harmless.

The way to the…

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Happiness path journey- Happy life


Would you want to discover happiness in life?

Would you like to discover the right path to a happy life?

Are you trying hard to reach the front door of happiness? But unable to reach?

Would you feel happy to receive more in your life?

If the answer is yes, then follow the story of Hari.

Most compelling evidence of Hari is his high unauthorised absenteeism in the first week of every month. Every employee of Pattern Shop, Kulti Works knows it, but I did not know,

On my enquiry, my head clerk said “He is habituated to take loans from moneylenders who snatch his pay packet at Main gate. As a result, he absents to avoid meeting money lenders in the first week.”

I interacted with him,” Absenteeism would not solve your problem. On the contrary, it would result in lighter and lighter pay packet, more and more burden of loan.”

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Unconditional love brings miracle in life

Even though we can find many examples of saving a human life by a human being, in contrast, the example of how unconditional love from an animal saving a human life is rare. in this case cows saving human life.

We all know that the blue whale has the largest heart of any living creature. But here I am not pointing to the heart of the blue whale rather to the hearts of cows. The present post shows how the cows with their big hearts saved the life of my 100 years old relative.  A miraculous save.A true product of unconditional love.

The old relative in his forties was very strong and stout. He used to look after the cows for the reason that he found pleasures in feeding them, speaking to them, loving them with caring hands. Simply he showed only unconditional love.

The relative became old. Even at the age of 100, he used to go outside for the purpose of feeding the cows.

One day even with his bent spine, he was feeding the cows. All of a sudden, a hail storm started, causing him to fall to the ground. Then the miracle happened. The cows with their big hearts full of emotions promptly, stood over the relative till the hailstorm stopped.

He was saved due to the loving attitude of the cows. The cows received and cherished the unconditional love from the relative till the start of the hail storm. In front of them, the giver of the love fell down, stirring their emotions. They did not care for themselves. They saved. Love melts the frozen hearts. They gifted the life of the relative. A miracle happened.

Unconditional love can cause miracles in life.

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Beliefs differentiate between winners and losers


This post discusses the role of beliefs in our success. Beliefs decide winners.

Having a  purpose of sorting out some issues of missing or misplaced store items, I conducted a meeting On 25th  August 2018.

After long deliberation, we found that the concerned employees do not have proper knowledge and skills and decided to impart training to them.

So I advised two seniormost employees to prepare a duty roaster so that two employees at a time can undergo training without any disturbance to the day to day activities of stores.

The two tried their best and finally declared ” One extra employee is required in shifts to complete the shift cycle”. I again requested them to look at the issue from another angle. Finally, they gave up.

I then requested Vivek, Deputy Manager of Shops,” can you help to make the roaster without any extra employee ?”  He immediately said with positivity and confidence,” The roaster is possible without the service of another employee “.

He made the roaster within 15 minutes. What does it prove? Strong beliefs make the difference between the losers and the winners.

Analysis: Our beliefs make the difference

The concerned executive believes that it is very much possible to make the roaster without the inclusion of one extra employee. He also believes in his own ability. Finally, he made the roaster and tasted the sweetness of success.

Our beliefs propel us to success

Learning points: Our beliefs make the difference

  • Never give up
  • Be positive and confident.
  • Believe it is possible.
  • Believe in your ability.
  • Be successful.


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How to take the right decision at the right moment


Here Anish and we all learnt about the importance of taking the right decision at the right moment in life.  The right decision of continuing study at Narendrapur ultimately broughtAnish to NIT Durgapur for pursuing his B.Tech (ECE).

Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapur. An entirely residential school at Kolkata. After spending two weeks at this school, Anish-my son expressed his unwillingness to continue his studies at Narendrapur because of so many general rules and restrictions of the Institution. To counsel him, we visited Narendrapur every week.

In spite of our best efforts of counselling during our visits, Anish was adamant to leave the Ramakrishna Mission School, Narendrapur and study at Asansol.

After one month one day, the Maharaj in charge of Hostels told us …..“Anish is very adamant to leave Narendrapur.  We apprehend from the erratic and violent behaviours that he may commit suicide any time. So please take him…

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